Government approves accession to Vienna Convention to facilitate recognition of driving licenses
The Council of Ministers has approved Andorra’s accession to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, on the proposal of Foreign Minister Imma Tore. The aim of the Agreement is to promote the mutual recognition of driving licenses between signatory states.
This step will allow member countries of the Agreement to recognize Andorran driver’s licenses and will also facilitate the movement of Andorran tourists within the countries that are parties to the Agreement.

Currently, 89 States are parties to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, including countries in Northern Europe, some countries in Africa and some countries in Asia.

Andorra’s accession to the Vienna Convention is part of the Government’s priorities to promote the recognition of Andorran driving licenses. If the Agreement is approved and the Association with the European Union enters into force, it will also allow the automatic approval of these permits in the 27 EU Member States. In other words, it would allow Andorrans living abroad to approve an Andorran permit without having to take tests to obtain a driver’s license.

Similarly, the Government has confirmed compliance with the Vienna Convention on Road Signs. This is a multilateral treaty designed to improve road safety and help international road traffic by standardizing the signalling system used internationally. In this sense, a set of generally accepted road signs has been established, which Andorra already takes into account today.

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