A company established in Andorra can operate anywhere in the world.
Andorran companies can be used very effectively as trading companies, with minimum taxation of 2.5%, holding companies (including in a tax-free regime), holders of patents, intellectual property rights and trademarks, family business companies. The requirements for Andorran companies to have an individual address, filing tax and accounting reports, having a bank account within the country and others forms of natural substance, ensure good reputation characteristics of companies when interacting with foreign partners, cleared in terms of OECD, FATF, and other international policymakers allowing companies to participate in cross-border business transactions.
3 steps to starting a company

Your individual plan
There are few legal forms for setting up companies in Andorra: a limited liability company, a joint stock company and a branch of a foreign company. And there are a lot of ways to integrate a new company into your existing business or use a newly established company for your business project.

A company in Andorra becomes viable only after obtaining a "license" for each of the declared activities. However, the way you define your business may not be the same as how the chamber of commerce defines it by looking at the activity code list. Let the word "license" not scare you — it is a matter of technique if you know exactly what you need to get and what to do for this.

Therefore, it is extremely important for us to draw up a plan for introducing your new company into the supply chain, in the structure of contracts with customers and contractors, to see if and how preferential conditions for income in the form of dividends, interest, royalties and other classes will actually apply.
Bank account in Andorra
The process of organizing a company involves opening an account with a local bank, open at the first instance in the mode "for crediting the authorized capital". It is therefore that a dialogue with the bank of your choice is the most important part of the process of establishing a company, immediately after developing a step-by-step plan. Banks of Andorra mainly work with foreigners in the private banking mode, therefore, receiving operational services is due to a number of factors. Together with you, we will be able to find the key to opening a fully operational account.
Registration actions
We will advise an optimal set of documents for you, which should be attached to the application forms, we will indicate the optimal forms of assurances, translations, taking into account your location.
All you need to know about starting a company
Jurisdictional specifics
Forget about your knowledge of classic offshore jurisdictions, or companies formation experience in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Cyprus and other popular business centers. The organization process here begins with obtaining a foreign investment permit in case the shareholder is not a resident of Andorra.
Individual address
The company must have its own address unless the company is associated (through shareholding or management) with other companies already existing in Andorra.
Business Permits
To start operating activities, you need to additionally obtain permits from the municipality, one per specific type of economic activity. Despite the apparent complexity, such a multi-stage procedure for launching a company ensures that it has the necessary set of arguments and documents in the future to confirm its real (and not only on paper, so-called shell companies) presence in the country, its substance, which helps the company to acquire bank accounts and makes it easier to carry business outside the country. The address of registration of a company may well be the address of residence of its owner or director; renting an office space is not required, although very much recommended.
Our services
We take care of all the actions for organizing the company, your visit is only required to be present at the notarial deed on the establishment of the company, this action can also be performed on your behalf with a notarized power of attorney.
We provide a full range of services to register a company and obtain the necessary permits:
  • Consulting and project management prior to starting a business
  • Obtaining a certificate of company name
  • Obtaining a permit for foreign investment
  • Opening an account to pay the authorized capital
  • Preparation of articles of association, powers of attorney
  • Notarial support and registration in the state register
  • Obtaining registration documents, providing copies of the set to the Client
  • Registration with the tax service
  • Registration with Social Security Services (CASS)
  • Obtaining a permit to conduct commercial activities
  • Contracting for the fire protection services
  • Opening a company current account in the payment system, optional
  • Assistance with changing the status of the company’s account to the operational mode
We offer the shortest path engaging the least of your resources and time. Therefore, we do not have template solutions, we will draw up the plan that is right for you.
Contact us to receive an individual price quote for the service you are interested in
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