Catalan language law comes into force
On May 30, the new Catalan Language Law came into force, which aims to promote the use of the national language, especially in public spaces.
The text was approved on April 25 with the support of all parliamentary factions, with the exception of Andorra Endavant.

All holders of an Andorran residence permit will now have to prove their knowledge of Catalan, to varying degrees and at varying times:

  1. Until 2026: Active residence permits (Residence and work). A2 level at second renewal (after 2 years).
  2. From 2026 to 2029: Active residence permits (Residence and work). First renewal: A1, second renewal: A2.
  3. From 2029: All types of residence permits. First renewal: A1, second renewal: A2.

It is also possible to take a 30-hour course to obtain a residence permit. Applications will be made gradually until from 2029 it will be mandatory for all types of permits.

There are also penalties mainly for infringement of the use of Catalan on public roads, such as on store signs. Liability ranges from a written reprimand to a fine of up to EUR 60 000.
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